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Porque deve ter Prata em 2018.

Porque deve ter Prata em 2018.

While Gold is very close to a major breakout (in price) its strength has not filtered down to Silver yet. Gold is 3% away from a major breakout and comfortably above its long-term moving averages. However, Silver is well below its 2016 high and is currently battling its 200-day moving average. But that is okay. Silver typically lags and underperforms Gold until Gold gains momentum or breaks key resistance. A major breakout in Gold this year and its effect on Silver is just one reason why Silver could have a big year.

If and when Silver breaks above its 2017 highs, we can declare its bear market over (in terms of time). The chart below plots all of the major bear markets in Silver. They all end at the point when Silver begins to make higher highs and rises in an impulsive fashion. Silver’s bear market was the second worst by price and potentially the worst in terms of time.

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